Top Three Reasons to Pay by Local Currency Instead of USD

Top Three Reasons to Pay by Local Currency Instead of USD

Travellers sometimes assume that the safest currency to take on their overseas trip is USD. The US dollar is the most popular currency globally and almost universally accepted. When you have international stopovers, paying with USD seems like the sensible choice. The idea is that you can use it anywhere in the world or exchange it when you need to. This simply isn’t the case.

Don’t get stuck with the wrong currency. Save money by travelling with the right currency. Here are just a few of the benefits of using local money instead of USD.

Favourable currency rate

Plan early and get the right currency for your destinations (including stopovers). Look for a currency exchange service that charges no fees or commission. These hidden costs can eat into your holiday funds.

When you buy your currency before your trip, you know how much you are paying for it. You also have time to understand the conversion rates and lock in a good rate before your trip. When you shop overseas with USD, you may not have the opportunity to figure out whether you are getting a good deal on the purchase. There will usually be a hidden fee as the provider has to cover their costs and will want to make a profit on the transaction.

By accepting the currency exchange rate of the overseas merchant, you have little control over how much you are paying. You may have a tight travel itinerary and the merchant can take advantage of you.

Tip: Organise the correct currency before you leave. Safeguard yourself from a poor exchange rate.

Customer-focused service

When you exchange USD abroad, you may find it difficult to negotiate a good deal if you are dealing with language barriers. A professional currency exchange provider, with fluent English speaking staff, can help you determine how much you are getting for your money. A customer-focused provider will give you the opportunity to ask questions, will have easy to understand pricing and be transparent about fees.

At Crown Currency Exchange, you pay $0 fees and no commissions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you get the right currency for the country you are travelling to. With over 80 currencies in stock, we have everything from AED to ZAR!

USD isn’t always the best option

The last thing you want, when you arrive at your destination, is to have a wallet full of cash that you can’t use or that you need to exchange (usually at a high cost).

The smarter option is to find out exactly which currency you need and buy it before you leave. You’ll save time and money because you won’t have to make multiple currency conversions. If you’re not sure what you need, ask us.

Which countries use USD as their main currency?

• United States
• United States Virgin Islands
• British Virgin Islands
• Puerto Rico
• Guam
• Timor-Leste
• Ecuador
• El Salvador
• Marshall Islands
• Micronesia
• Palau
• British Turks and Caicos Islands
• American Samoa
• Zimbabwe
• Northern Mariana Islands

Which countries use USD as a quasi currency?

Although USD is often used as a quasi currency of exchange, it is not always a good idea to pay in USD. Countries such as Canada, Mexico, Belize, Panama and Costa Rica widely accept USD. Tour operators, hotels, retail stores and restaurants may give you an unfavourable exchange rate. Expect to pay additional costs for the convenience of paying in USD.

USD is the official second currency in countries such as Cambodia. Although you will get a fair exchange rate, you will receive your change in local currency. In Cambodia, like countries such as Canada, rural and remote locations will only accept local currencies. In some places, you may also find that a credit card is not accepted.

Be prepared and take the right currency with you on your trip. At Crown Currency Exchange, we sell popular and less common currencies. We can help you determine the right currency for the locations you are visiting. With $0 fees and no commission, we offer you the best rates, guaranteed.

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