Tipping in South Africa – Is it Customary to Tip in South Africa?

Tipping in South Africa

With incredible beaches to discover, beautiful vineyards to explore, and exhilarating safaris to take part in, South Africa has been a popular tourist destination with travellers from all over the world. But when it comes to customs, particularly tipping, where does South Africa stand? At Crown Currency Exchange, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of it by creating this ultimate guide to tipping in South Africa.

What is the Tipping Culture in South Africa?

Let’s get straight to the point. Tipping in South Africa is a common practice and is appreciated as a gesture for good service. However, tipping isn’t obligatory, but it is fast becoming customary to tip in various service industries, including restaurants, taxis, hotels, and bars.

It’s important to note here that, unlike some other countries where tipping is expected, service providers in South Africa never expect you to tip. Instead, tipping is simply regarded as a way of showing appreciation for the effort put into providing exceptional service.

Why is Tipping so Common in South Africa?

Why is Tipping so Common in South Africa?

There are both cultural and socio-economic reasons why tipping in South Africa is so common. Firstly, the hospitality industry plays a significant role in the country’s economy, with tourism being a major contributor. As a result, there is a strong emphasis on providing excellent service to visitors, and tipping serves as a tangible way for customers to express their satisfaction.

South Africa also has a history of social inequality and economic disparity, both of which have influenced tipping culture. Many service industry workers rely on tips as a supplement to their often modest wages, making them an important source of income.

When Should You Consider Leaving a Tip?

When Should You Consider Leaving a Tip?

As tipping is so common in South Africa, there are several instances where you should consider leaving a tip if you have received exceptional service. These include:

Tipping Hotel Staff

It is customary to tip hotel staff in South Africa, although this is usually limited to porters, housekeeping staff, and concierge. The amount you’ll tip will also vary depending on who you’re tipping.

What is a Fair Tip for Hotel Staff in South Africa?

For example, porters should be tipped around R24-R37 ZAR ($2-$3 AUD) per bag, while housekeeping staff should be tipped about R86 ZAR ($7 AUD) for each day of your stay. There isn’t a guideline for the amount you need to tip a concierge, and this is completely at your discretion and in line with the service received.

Tipping Wait Staff

Wait staff in restaurants and cafes should be tipped in South Africa, and you should also leave a tip for bar staff. Sometimes, a service charge may already be included on the bill, and if it is, then you don’t have to tip, although leaving a few South African Rand as an additional tip is always appreciated.

What is a Fair Tip for Wait Staff in South Africa?

You should tip wait staff around 10% of the total bill. So, should you spend R1,240 ZAR ($100 AUD) on a meal, a tip of around R124 ZAR ($10 AUD) would be appropriate. For a bar staff member, you can either round up the total bill or leave a few coins in a communal tip box.

Tipping Taxi Drivers

Tipping taxi drivers in South Africa isn’t as common as some other service industries, but it is appreciated for good service.

What is a Fair Tip for Taxi Drivers in South Africa?

The best way of tipping a taxi driver is by rounding up the total bill to the nearest South African Rand. You can also leave a small tip on top of this if you feel your driver went above and beyond.

Tipping Safari Guides

Safari staff, park rangers and tour guides should also be tipped, especially if the tour included transportation or was designed specifically for you.

What is a Fair Tip for Safari Guides in South Africa?

The tip amount varies for safari guides, depending on the length of the tour. For full day tours, you should tip generously with a guide of R248 ZAR ($20 AUD) per person on the tour.

Tipping Spa Therapists

You should tip if you receive salon or spa services while in South Africa, with a tip going to each person involved. For example, if you have a full day of spa treatments and receive them from different therapists, you should tip each therapist individually.

What is a Fair Tip for Spa Therapists in South Africa?

A fair tip for spa therapists would be around 10% of the price for each service received. This means if you have a massage costing R620 ZAR ($50 AUD) and a manicure costing R310 ZAR ($25 AUD), you’ll need to tip each therapist 10% of the treatment cost they provided.

South Africa Tipping Etiquette: How to Give a Tip?

As with most other countries, the best way to tip in South Africa is by doing so discreetly. Either hand the tip directly to the recipient or leave it somewhere for them to find when you have left. It’s also important to express your gratitude verbally, so whether you’re handing the money over directly or leaving it, be sure to say “Thank you” for good service.

Cash is also King in South Africa, and while some establishments may accept tips on credit cards, using cash is more convenient and also ensures that the tip goes to the intended recipient.

Top Tip: Since leaving cash is the best way of tipping in South Africa, make sure you have plenty on you at all times. You can find the best rates on AUD to ZAR here.

Are There Any Cases Where You Should Avoid Tipping in South Africa?

While tipping is common in South Africa, there are some instances where tipping isn’t necessary. The first of these is when a service charge has already been added to the bill, and you can ask for this to be removed in favour of leaving cash, but most people pay the charge, and if the service was particularly good, leave a few extra coins.

You also don’t need to tip in any establishment that operates with a self-service system. This includes fast food restaurants, local markets, and public transport.

It’s also worth remembering that while many service providers appreciate tips, you don’t have to leave a tip if you received poor service.

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