How Much Spending Money for Singapore?

Spending Money for Singapore

With incredible architecture, stunning tropical gardens, and a rich history, Singapore is a must-visit country for any avid explorer. But with so much to do, you’re going to need to carefully plan your spending money to work out how much visiting Singapore costs. That’s where Crown Currency Exchange comes to the rescue! Here, you’ll find everything you need in order to budget for your trip to Singapore.

How Much Spending Money Do I Need for Singapore?

The amount of spending money you need to take to Singapore will ultimately depend on your travel style. To make things easier, we’ve broken this down into three categories:

Budget Travellers

Whether you’re travelling the world in one go or looking to keep things as inexpensive as possible, Singapore is a great place for budget travellers to visit. For around SGD $60-$100 per day, you can get a comfortable motel, travel using the MRT network, and eat at some world class food stands.

You’ll also be able to enjoy activities such as a visit to Gardens by the Bay and HeadRock VR for a really low cost.

Mid-range Travellers

For those who like a little more privacy and comfort while travelling without breaking the bank, a daily budget of around SGD $150-$200 will allow you to stay in a comfortable Airbnb or mid-range hotel room. You’ll also be able to travel using the MRT network or by hiring a scooter and enjoy a two-course meal with a drink in a local restaurant.

You’ll also have a wider variety of activities to choose from, including Mandai Night Safari and a trip to Singapore’s Universal Studios.

Luxury Travellers

Those looking to indulge as much as possible will need a daily budget of around SGD $300-$450. This will cover a stay in a luxury hotel, offer a greater variety of Singapore’s food options, and allow you to rent a car to get yourself around.

Your activity choices will almost be limitless with this budget as well and include trips to The Fragment Room, iFly, and a ghost tour of Singapore. You’ll also be able to visit Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier shopping district, and do more than just window shop!

What Goes into a Travel Budget?

What Goes into a Travel Budget?

When planning a budget for Singapore, the things you need to think about include:

  • Accommodation: This will be one of your main expenses, and whether you plan on roughing it in a hostel or staying in luxury hotels in Singapore, you’ll need to pay to stay somewhere.
  • Transportation: You’ll also need to think about how you’re going to get around Singapore, whether using public transport or a rented vehicle.
  • Food & Drink: There are many food options in Singapore, and your budget can vary quite a bit depending on what you feel like eating on any given day.
  • Activities: There’s so much to see and do in Singapore, so you’ll also need to factor in the cost of having a good time!

Below, we’ll go into these categories in more detail, helping you plan and stick to a budget for each.

What is the Cost of Accommodation in Singapore?

This will depend on the type of accommodation you’re looking for in Singapore, with the average price ranging from SGD $20 to $249, depending on your travel style.

  • Budget Travellers: Those trying to stick to a lower budget can find hostels with capsule beds in a dorm for SGD $20 per night. Most hostels also offer internet access and include breakfast, helping to save money on food prices.
  • Mid-range Travellers: Airbnb accommodation and budget hotel rooms are better for those looking for a little more privacy and cost between SGD $45-$60 per night.
  • Luxury Travellers: A room in one of Singapore’s many luxury hotels, such as Marina Bay Sands, will cost between SGD $160-$249 per night, depending on their star rating, reviews, and amenities.

Different Accommodation Options:

  • Hostels: You can expect to pay an average price of SGD $20 per night for a hostel in Singapore. You can save money by choosing hostels in Little India as this area is generally cheaper, with some costing just SGD $12 per night.
  • Airbnb: For those looking for a little more privacy, an Airbnb is a great choice for accommodation in Singapore, and the average daily cost of a private room in a guest home is SGD $25. You can also find entire apartments available for around SGD $35, so if you can stretch your budget a little further, it’s worth it for the privacy and for the chance to live like a local.
  • Budget/Mid-range Hotels: A no-frills hotel in Singapore will cost you an average price of SGD $45-$60 per night. This will give you some basic amenities, including internet, television, and a private ensuite bathroom.
  • Luxury Hotels: Luxury hotels in Singapore cost between SGD $160-$249 per night. The more amenities on offer, such as gyms, swimming pools, and fine dining restaurants, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Camping: Camping can be a good choice for travellers trying to stick to a lower budget, but there are often certain requirements in place. For example, some campsites charge SGD $40 per night but ask for a minimum occupancy of 10 per booking.

Our Money-Saving Tips for Accommodation Costs

  • Consider shared accommodation: As hostels in Singapore are so inexpensive (especially in the Little India area), you can save a lot of money by choosing shared accommodation.
  • Book in advance: You can save money on your accommodation budget by booking in advance, especially at certain times of the year when booking companies run seasonal sales.
  • Book off-season: Another way you can save money on accommodation is by choosing to go to Singapore outside of the summer months. You may be able to find the next step up from your usual accommodation for a cheaper price, too.

What is the Cost of Food in Singapore?

Cost of Food in Singapore

Singapore is home to some of the best food and drink on the planet, including the famous Singapore sling cocktail! Here’s how much money you’ll need to eat and drink your way around Singapore.

  • Food Stands: Singapore’s food stands are among the best in the world, with some even being awarded Michelin stars. Yet, despite these hawker centres having such notoriety, they remain one of the cheapest ways to experience Singapore’s cuisine, with average prices at SGD $1.40 per plate.
  • Local Restaurants: You’ll find restaurants all over Singapore serving local and national cuisine. They are more expensive than a local hawker though, costing around SGD $40 per person for a two-course meal.
  • Self-Catering: The cost of groceries in Singapore will be between SGD $10-$18 per day, depending on the products you’re cooking with. Sheng Siong outlets are known for having the lowest prices, and Fair Price stores offer a good variety of ingredients.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol in Singapore is much more expensive when compared to food prices, with a cocktail costing an average of SGD $20, wine costing SGD $12 a glass, and a Tiger beer costing SGD $12 for a 330ml can.

Our Money-Saving Tips for Food Costs:

  • Utilise Your Cooking Facilities: Take advantage of any self-catering facilities your accommodation offers to prepare your own food.
  • Visit Hawker Centres: Hawker centres are filled with food stalls, and many will run daily specials or discounts, giving you the opportunity to sample some of the best food in Singapore for less.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is super expensive in Singapore, so to save yourself some money, it’s best avoided. Singapore’s tap water is safe to drink, so fill up your bottle from your hotel room and carry it with you to save money in restaurants, too.

What is the Cost of Transport in Singapore?

Cost of Transport in Singapore

Singapore has so much to see that you’ll need to find a way of getting around. Here’s what you’re looking at for the cost of travel in Singapore:

  • Public Transport: The MRT is the easiest way of getting around the city centre and explore Singapore, and trains run from 5:30 a.m. to midnight, with fares costing an average of SGD $1.50 per ride. The bus is a little cheaper than the train, costing SGD $1 per journey, but it takes a little longer due to traffic.
  • Scooter/Bicycle Rental: There are several scooter and bicycle rental companies, such as SG Bike and JoyScoot, that are ideal if you’d prefer to take yourself around Singapore, and these cost an average of SGD $7 per hour.
  • Car Rental: Car rental companies, such as Kayak, will charge up to SGD $85 per day, depending on the size and type of car you want.

Our Money-Saving Tips for Transportation Costs:

  • Get A Tourist Pass: A Singapore Tourist Pass is one of the best ways to save money on your transport costs. A one-day travel pass costs SGD $7 and offers unlimited travel on trains and buses.
  • Ride Share: While renting a car is expensive, you can split the cost with other passengers if travelling as a group. You’re offered both privacy and comfort while you travel in Singapore, too.

What is the Cost of Activities in Singapore?

Cost of Activities in Singapore

As well as having some of the finest cuisine from around the world, there are some amazing activities in Singapore, including:

  • Gardens by the Bay: One of Singapore’s most famous attractions, entry to Gardens by the Bay costs SGD $11 and is home to a 114-foot waterfall, beautiful gardens, a stunning light show, and unparalleled views of the Singapore skyline.
  • Mandai Night Safari: Take a walk on the wild side by visiting the Mandai Night Safari, which is open until midnight. Tickets cost SGD $55 for adults, SGD $38 for children, and SGD $20 for seniors.
  • Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour: Like getting spooked? Take the “Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour” and go ghost hunting for SGD $105 per person.
  • Indoor Skydive: Visit iFly Singapore and take an indoor skydiving experience from SGD $56.
  • Universal Studios Singapore: Perfect for movie fans, entrance to Universal Studios Singapore starts at SGD $66.
  • Virtual Room Singapore: For $42 per person, you can enjoy an adventurous, hi-tech twist on an escape room.
  • HeadRock VR: Singapore’s famous VR theme park, entrance to HeadRock VR starts from SGD $9.
  • The Fragment Room: Take out any pent-up stress by smashing things to pieces in the Fragment Room. It costs SGD $80 for two people or SGD $128 for a group of four.

Our Money-Saving Tips for Activity Costs:

  • Research Package Deals: Many attractions and activities have group discounts available or will offer money off if you book several activities throughout the city through one provider.
  • Book In Advance: Some of Singapore’s activities are so popular that charges are raised during peak season. By booking a few months ahead, you may be able to save money and secure your booking.

Other Expenses to Consider for the Trip

Other Expenses to Consider for the Trip

Accommodation, food, drink, activities and transportation in Singapore are just the basic things you need to consider when planning your budget. You’ll also need to think about the price of:

  • Flight Costs: You need to actually get to Singapore before you can enjoy all it has to offer. Look for cheap flights, take advantage of sales and special deals, and contact airlines to see if they can offer group discounts if you’re travelling with friends. It takes some effort, but doing this can make flights significantly cheaper.
  • Internet Access: Many places in Singapore, including your accommodation, will offer free internet access. However, you can’t fully rely on technology working when you need it! So, be sure to speak to your phone network and discuss temporary roaming packages.
  • Visa Fees: You may require a visa to enter Singapore, depending on which country you’re visiting from. As such, it’s important to factor the visa processing fees into your budget.
  • Travel Insurance: It’s a really good idea to take out travel insurance as this will cover you for medical emergency costs, lost luggage, and a plethora of other potentially costly incidents.
  • Shopping: You’ll likely want to go shopping on Singapore’s famous Orchard Road and grab a souvenir for yourself, friends, or family when in Singapore. So, make sure you add a little extra to your budget to allow for this.

Most Cost-Effective Way to Take Dollars to Singapore

The most cost-effective way of taking Singapore dollars to Singapore is in cash, as some banks and credit card companies charge hefty foreign transaction fees. By taking cash, you’re able to bypass these and keep more money in your pocket.

You can buy SGD at Crown Currency Exchange along with zero commission fees and no hidden costs. We have 60 stores open across Australia, find your closest store here.


What currency is used in Singapore?

Singapore uses Singapore dollars (SGD) as its currency.

Will I need cash for my visit to Singapore?

Yes, it’s best to take cash for a visit to Singapore. This way, you can avoid bank or credit card international charges, and you’ll be able to purchase from places that may not accept card payments.

Is visiting Singapore expensive?

Singapore does have some luxury hotels and attractions that are expensive, but with the right planning, you can visit this beautiful country on a lower budget.

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