Is it Cheaper to Buy Currency Abroad?

Is it Cheaper to Buy Currency Abroad?

The value of the Aussie dollar has had a less than stellar year. With it hovering around the 0.77USD, you need to find ways to stretch your holiday dollar further. You can save hundreds of dollars by locking in a terrific currency exchange rate before you take to the air.

Our guide will help you avoid getting ripped off with currency exchange fees at international airports. Don’t pay hidden fees or ridiculous commissions with dodgy overseas money changers or street vendors. Find out why it pays to buy your currency in Australia before heading off.

If you are planning to get off the beaten track, then it’s best to exchange your travel money in Australia. From AED to ZAR, we have you covered! With over 80 currencies in stock, we’ll ensure that you have the currency you need.

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You’ve just survived a 10-hour international flight, where you were cooped up next to a passenger who didn’t stop talking. The last thing you want to deal with when you hit foreign soil is rip-off exchange rates at the airport. International airports are notorious for taking you (and your hard earned) holiday cash for a ride.

You’ll get low currency exchange rates and can pay through the nose with costly commissions.

Be a savvy traveller and plan your currency before you leave. How much currency will you need for your stopovers? Where are you heading and how long will you be there? Too many tourists forget to plan ahead for their international stopovers. And, their holiday budget takes a hit.

Tip: Buy the foreign cash for stopovers before you leave Australia.

At Crown Currency Exchange, we have over 80 currencies in stock. Whether you need Hong Kong dollars (HKD), Malaysian ringgit (MYR) or United Arab Emirates dirham (AED), we have the currency you need for your stopover.

Exotic currencies

Heading to an exotic destination – or even away from the top destinations of Bali and New Zealand – means that it’s usually cheaper to buy your currency before your trip.

Australians are an adventurous bunch. We’re not afraid to try new things like trekking in Nepal, safaris in Kenya or yurting in Mongolia. Don’t get stuck with the wrong currency. Exchanging the Australian dollar abroad may be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

Exotic currencies are our specialty. We’ve got Tunisian dinars, Kenyan shillings and South African rand. And that’s just the start! We take care of your currency so you have more time to tick off things on your bucket list.

Tropical paradise

Planning to snorkel and swim in the tropical waters of Samoa? Longing to lounge on the white sands of Vanuatu? If you are heading to a South Pacific paradise, then you should buy your cash before you splash in their crystal clear waters. The money you save can go towards a diving tour, souvenirs or cocktails.

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Visit your local Crown Currency Exchange before you head off on your overseas holiday. Talk to our experienced staff about your stopover needs. Find out how you can save your hard earned holiday cash for splurging.

We charge $0 fees and no commission, with special rates for students and seniors. With over 80 currencies in stock, including exotic currencies, we can help you plan for the trip of a lifetime.

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