Tipping in Greece – Is it Customary to Tip in Greece?

Tipping in Greece

Greece is a land of ancient wonders, sun-soaked beaches, and incredible cuisine. But before you embark on your Grecian adventure, one thing you’ll need to know is whether or not you’re expected to tip for certain services. At Crown Currency Exchange, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of this by creating the ultimate guide to tipping in Greece, making it easier for you to fulfil your Greek fantasy without any etiquette worries!

What is the Tipping Culture in Greece?

First things first – tipping in Greece is common practice and isn’t only appreciated, but is also generally expected in multiple service industries. This includes restaurants, cafes, bars, taxis, hotels, and more. Tipping culture in Greece also varies between regions and the type of service received and you can expect to leave a tip of up to 15% in some cases.

However, while service staff may expect tips, it isn’t mandatory to leave a tip if you feel as though the service you received was not up to standard.

Why is Tipping so Common in Greece?

Why is Tipping so Common in Greece?

Tipping has long been a common practice in Greek culture, with roots dating back to ancient times, where offering hospitality and showing generosity to guests were highly valued cultural norms. This tradition extends to modern times, and where guests may have bought gifts for their hosts as a sign of gratitude, monetary tips are now expected.

Many service workers also rely on tips as a supplement to their income, particularly during peak tourist season, when there is a high demand for Greece’s service-based economy. This reliance on tipping has become greater in recent years, too, as the country has experienced economic challenges that have resulted in lower earnings.

There’s also a general expectation for tips in Greece, and this is due to the prevalence of tipping in tourist areas. Many establishments have even changed the way they work in line with this expectation, ensuring that they provide the best possible service as a guaranteed way of earning tips from their customers.

When Should You Consider Leaving a Tip?

When Should You Consider Leaving a Tip?

As tipping in Greece is so common, there are many instances in which you should be prepared to leave a few coins on top of your total bill. Below, you’ll find a guide to these scenarios, along with how much you’re expected to tip.

Tipping Waiting Staff

It is customary to leave a tip in both restaurants and cafes in Greece, whether they are in tourist-centric areas or not. However, if a service charge is included with the bill, tipping isn’t necessary but is still greatly appreciated for exceptional service.

What is a Fair Tip for Waiting Staff in Greece?

You should leave a tip of around 5%-10% of the total bill in restaurants and cafes. So, should you spend €80 ($130 AUD), a tip of up to €8 ($13 AUD) would be acceptable. The expectancy in fine dining restaurants may be higher, and you can tip up to 15% of the cost of the final bill.

Tipping Bar Staff

Tipping bar staff in Greece is also common, regardless of whether you ordered at the bar yourself or received table service. However, the amount you should tip in each of these scenarios is different.

What is a Fair Tip for Bar Staff in Greece?

When ordering drinks at a bar, it’s best to round up the bill or leave behind a small tip for the bartender to pick up. For larger orders or table service, expect to tip around 5%-10% of the total bill.

Tipping Taxi Drivers

Tipping taxi drivers in Greece is not mandatory, but it can be done if you feel they offer exceptional service (such as carrying your bags into your hotel) or getting to your destination without hitting traffic.

What is a Fair Tip for Taxi Drivers in Greece?

It’s easiest to round up the total fare when tipping taxi drivers, but you can also leave up to 10% if you feel they went above and beyond.

Tipping Hotel Staff

Much like restaurant staff, hotel staff are on lower wages, so tipping is greatly appreciated. However, not all members of a hotel staff need to be tipped, and it should be limited to housekeeping staff, porters, and concierge.

What is a Fair Tip for Hotel Staff in Greece?

The amount you should tip hotel staff depends on their role. A tip of €1-€2 per day ($1.50 – $3.30 AUD) is considered sufficient for housekeeping staff, while porters should be tipped around €2 per bag ($3.30 AUD). The amount you should tip a concierge is at your discretion and will ultimately depend on the level of service they provide in line with your request.

Tipping Tour Guides

You should also tip tour guides in Greece, especially if they have designed a bespoke or private tour package for you.

What is a Fair Tip for Tour Guides in Greece?

A tip of around €5-€10 ($8.20-$16.50) on top of the total tour price would be suitable for a tour guide, although there’s nothing stopping you from going higher if you felt the tour was particularly impressive.

Greece Tipping Etiquette: How to Give a Tip?

Greece Tipping Etiquette

As tipping in Greece isn’t as taboo or unexpected as other countries, you don’t have to act quite as discreetly when leaving a tip for the recipient. That being said, the best way of tipping is to hand cash directly to the server with an “Efharisto” (“Thank you”, in Greek).

This will avoid drawing attention to the fact, and while tipping is common, some people may feel a little embarrassed if you draw too much attention to the act of tipping. With this in mind, you can also leave your tip in a place for the recipient to find once you’ve left the establishment.

Top Tip: The best way to tip in Greece is by using cash, so make sure you have plenty on you before you head out for the day. You can find excellent rates on AUD to EUR here.

Are There Any Cases Where You Should Avoid Tipping in Greece?

While tipping is common in Greece and expected in many scenarios, there are some instances in which you don’t need to worry about tipping at all.

Street food stalls and fast food restaurants are at the top of the list here, as these are considered self-service establishments, and, as such, there’s no need to provide an additional tip on top of the total bill.

You also don’t need to worry about tipping for shop transactions, using public transport, or when using any public services.

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