I can get a better rate in Bali! Or can’t I?

I can get a better rate in Bali! Or can’t I?

We sometimes hear suggestions that a canny traveller can get a better rate on exchanging Australian Dollars (AUD) to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) in Bali.

One of our well-travelled team members was in Bali. She visited Kuta, Legian, Ubud and Seminyak. Yes, we’re all jealous!

On the matter of exchange rates, our team member made the following observations:

  • The vast majority of exchanges charged commission;
  • After accounting for the commission, the rates at Crown Currency Exchange (on the same day) were as good as those (and many superior) to those offered in Bali;
  • It was difficult to distinguish between regulated exchanges and ‘streetside’ exchanges; and
  • Some exchange shops attempted to turn a negative into a positive, with signs indicating that they don’t rip off their customers… cold comfort, there.

Purchasing your IDR before your departure makes sense. At Crown Currency Exchange, you’re dealing safely with someone you trust, and we give you very competitive rates.

Find your nearest Crown Currency Exchange here and we wish you Happy Travels!

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