Student Money Guide

A comprehensive money guide for students living, working, traveling abroad.

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to manage your studies while trying to save. It’s even harder when you are an international student. Our guide will help you breeze through your time as an international student.

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Managing finances as an international student

Being in another country is hard but students can have it easier than other expats. You can score student discounts on various activities and amenities. If planned well, not only will your expenses reduce but you will also be able to save money to travel around.

Work while you study

Most countries will allow international students to work casually or part-time. In Australia for example, most students can work up to 20 hours a week. Finding a job will help you pay the bills and gain some beneficial work experience in an international setting.

Set a daily Budget

This one is hard to stick to once a busy schedule kicks in but it is worth the effort. Daily budgeting is a great way to save money. You can avoid the temptation to splurge by only carrying enough cash to get you by for the day.

Withdraw & exchange in large amounts

In order to save on service fees, it makes sense to withdraw and exchange your foreign currency in large amounts. Since a fee is charged for every withdrawal, making multiple small withdrawals can really add up.

Buy Second Hand

Since a lot of international students go back to their home countries, there are various garage sales held every semester. Make use of these sales and get your hands on functional second-hand items for throw-away prices. Flea-markets and second-hand stores are also great places for cheap cash sales.

Piggy-bank it

You might think that piggy banks are for kids but the advantages of putting spare coins in a jar are similar for all ages. These savings can be used to purchase essentials for your home.

Think twice

“Do I really need it?” is a question that can save you cash every week. Do not impulse-buy things with no utility no matter how shiny they seem. Chances are, the 50% discounted shoe you just bought will only be worn twice in three months.


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