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Our Customers

Our customers come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe.


We take pride in how we look after our senior customers. Many take trips that we can only dream of! Whether it is the cruise, the adventure holiday, the safari or the vineyard tour, Crown’s customers are extremely active and make the most of their overseas adventures.

With special rates for seniors, its seniors’ day every day at Crown!

Please get in touch with us or come and see us: we’re ready when you are.


Students – both foreign and local – make Crown their first stop for foreign currency. Show us your student card for student rates on your currency exchange.

If you have just arrived in the country, feel free to drop us a line or come and see us for the best rates on exchanging your foreign cash to Australian dollars.

If you are travelling on a Student Exchange get in touch and we will give you the best rates and the right currency for your trip. Don’t forget the study!


If you’re heading off for the trip of a lifetime, for your regular summer/ winter break, if you’re off to see family, or if you’re travelling just because you feel like it, be sure to come and see us before you go! We’ll make sure you have the right currency at the best rate.

We buy and sell over 80 currencies, so we know we’ll have the currency you need.

Alternatively, if you’re in Queensland or New South Wales on holiday, please come and see us. We offer the best rates when exchanging your foreign currency.

We have many convenient locations and friendly staff who can help ensure you get the best rates for your currency.

We are always keen to buy foreign currency, so don’t go anywhere else!


Many schools trust us with their annual overseas student trips. From Japan to the US, from France to Britain and everywhere in between, Queensland schools have been trusting us with their currency needs for many years.
We are proud to help schools, parents and students get the best value for their foreign currency and other travel needs.

Business trips

When your next international meeting comes up, come and see the team at Crown. By giving you the best value currency for your destination, we can help you get the most from your trip.

Good luck!

Crown Currency Provides The Best Value Exchange Rates for Seniors
Crown Currency Provides The Best Value Exchange Rates for Students
Crown Currency Provides The Best Value Exchange Rates for Travellers
Crown Currency Provides The Best Value Exchange Rates for Schools
Crown Currency Provides The Best Value Exchange Rates for Business Trips