Happy Easter!

The 2017 Easter break runs from Friday, 14 April to Monday to 17 April April 2017.

Here are our tips for making the best of your Easter getaway:

1. Plan your arrival and departure: especially if you are taking a shorter trip (say 7 days or less) make sure that you plan, in particular, the start and end of your trip. It is easy to lose valuable holiday time if travel doesn’t run smoothly, so make sure you give yourself the greatest amount of leisure time that you can by planning your arrival and departure.

2. Pack light: take as little as you can so you can move easily. Keep hand luggage items that need to be scanned at the airport (such as tablets or laptops) easily accessible (safely wrapped/padded as necessary).

3. Travel documents: leave a copy/scan of your travel documents (passport, tickets, itinerary etc) with friends or family.

4. Take the right currency: at Crown we can help you with anything you might need – we buy and sell over 80 currencies. Consider buying your currency early (or whenever you are happy with the Australian dollar exchange rate).

5. Have a great trip!

We recommend:

We always recommend buying and/or exchanging foreign currency from a trusted exchange company before you go.

If you are flying to some sun in the Coral Sea or South Pacific Ocean, we can help you with all the currency types you might need, including the South Pacific Franc (XPF), the Vanuatu Vatu (VUV), the Tongan Pa’anga (TOP), the Fiji Dollar (FJD), the Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD), the Samoan Tālā (WST), and of course the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) if you’re crossing the Tasman Sea.

If you need the majors, we can always help!

Request a quote or stop by your local Crown Currency Exchange and we can help you: we buy and sell over 80 currencies.

We can also help you with a prepaid multi-currency travel card.

And remember: at Crown we charge no currency fees or commission when buying or selling foreign currency, ever.

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