Five Travel Destinations Where the Australian Dollar is Strong

Five Travel Destinations Where the Australian Dollar is Strong

Want to travel to a country where you get great bang for your buck with the Australian dollar? Over the past 12 months, the Australian dollar has gained strength (a whopping 65%) against the Argentine Peso, while gains have been made against the Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen.

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Arial view of Sabah in Malaysia

Malaysia is a hotspot for Aussie travellers. With the appeal of cheap flights, three months travel without a visa and a mecca of incredible sights, it’s little wonder that Malaysia is a favourite tourist destination.

Visit the 450m high Petronas Towers, with its sweeping views of Kuala Lumpur. Explore the vast array of markets and taste the eclectic wonders of Malay, Chinese, Indian and a range of delicious food. Kuala Lumpur was voted, in 2016, as having the cheapest hotel rooms in the world for Australians.

Malaysia has everything, from bustling cities to Melaka, a World Heritage coastal town, picturesque tea plantations and the volcanic landscapes of Cameron Highlands. There’s also Penang, with its culinary delights and fusion of different ethnic foods or discover Tioman Island, which lies off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia with stunning beaches and lush rainforests.

Currency: Malaysian ringgit (MYR / RM)

Accommodation: Ranges from five-star resorts, backpacker hostels to beach shacks.

Tip: You’ll get a better foreign exchange rate if you avoid changing money at the airport, KL Sentral and hotels.

Scam alert: Avoid unofficial money changers on the street or in shops.


View of Patagonia Argentina mountains and river

For the second year running the Argentine peso has weakened against the Australian dollar. After 2015, when currency controls were lifted, the peso has dropped in value.

The Andes Mountains in the country’s northwest is known for outdoor and adventure activities such as trekking, fishing, rafting and rappelling. The Pampas is a grassland plain where you can stay at ranches or trail ride with the Gauchos. Visit popular beach destinations like Mar del Plata or the famous Iguazu Falls. Argentina is the ultimate destination for stirring up your spirit of adventure and exploring wild, rugged scenery.

Accommodation: A range of options are available to suit everyone’s budgets, from five-star hotels in Buenos Aires to hostels which cost as little as $10 a night for a bed in a dorm. Small boutique B&Bs and homestays are also available.

Tip: Check the currency that your accommodation has been quoted in. The Argentine peso uses the same dollar symbol ($) as AUD.

Carry small change with you as 100 peso bills will not be appreciated. Also, be aware that some ATMs have low withdrawal limits, which will rack up foreign ATM charges with your bank.

Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS/$)

Tip: Not all Australian banks will buy pesos when you return with surplus cash. Crown Currency Exchange buys and sells over 80 currencies, including Argentine pesos.

Scam alert: The country has illegal street money changers who may offer you a ‘blue dollar rate’. While the blue dollar rate may seem better than the one provided in official channels, it’s safer to use proper currency exchange channels.

United Kingdom

London sunset aerial view with bridge

With the Brexit process in play, the Aussie dollar has increased in value to the pound. The GBP had a shaky 2016 and the AUD currently sits on 0.56GBP.

The United Kingdom is a perennial favourite for Australian tourists. Visit Buckingham Palace or explore Kew Gardens, one of the world’s most famous botanical gardens. Visit historic Stonehenge, see the 2000-year-old Roman Baths and hot springs, in Bath. Take a leisurely drive past the stunning countryside, historical castles or discover the beauty of Lake District National Park.

Currency: Great Britain Pound (GBP)

Accommodation: A range of accommodation options exist including five-star hotels, such as The Waldorf Hotel. Self-catering cottages, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts offer affordable options.

Tip: Lock in an unbeatable foreign currency exchange rate before you leave. Crown Currency buys and sells GBP, with no commission or fees.


Great Wall of China in Autumn

Over the past two years, the Chinese Yuan has fallen due to changes in policy, offering Aussies the chance to stretch their travel dollar further. China is one of the cheapest travel destinations for Australians.

See the famous Terracotta Army, cruise the Yangtze River, visit The Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Immerse yourself in the excitement and glamour of Shanghai or Beijing.

Currency: Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Accommodation: Ranges from five-star hotels to budget hostels.

Tip: The Chinese are superstitious about numbers. The number four is considered the unluckiest. You can snap up cheaper tickets if you are prepared to travel on dates, times, flights or seat numbers with the number four.

Keep smaller notes on you as many taxi drivers won’t have change for large denominations.

Scam alert: Taxi drivers have been known to take tourists to a different hotel and claim that the other hotel is closed. They may also demand higher payments by insisting that their price was per person. If you have any problems, record the license plate and driver ID number and lodge a complaint.


The Japanese Yen had a volatile 2017, giving Aussie travellers more bang for their travel buck.

Japan is an exciting and eclectic travel destination. From the heart-pounding action of Tokyo to the uber-relaxing onsens (hot springs) in Japanese Alps, to the crystal clear waters of Okinawa, Japan is an amazing country to visit. See the spectacular colours of Autumn leaves, the cherry blossoms in bloom or enjoy some of the best powder snow skiing in the world.

Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)

Accommodation: A range of accommodation options exist from five-star hotels to hostels, capsule hotels to a ryokan, which is a traditional Japanese inn.

Tip: Japan’s is a cash economy. Take plenty of local currency with you. You’ll be surprised how many businesses do not accept cards, and many Japanese ATMs do not accept foreign cards, either.

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