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Is that the best rate you can give me?
We give our customers the very best rates, and charge no currency fees or commissions, ever.

Our rates are already the best, but to make sure of that we also watch our competitors.

We’ll give you our best rate, first time. If you have seen someone else first and you come to us with a quote, we’ll beat it.

When comparing rates, be aware that some of our competitors charge currency fees and/or commission on top of the rate. So a rate that looks better than ours on the surface may in fact be much worse once currency fees and/or commission are added in.

Why should I buy from Crown rather than from my bank or another currency exchange company?
That’s easy!

  1. We give you the very best rates. We check our competitors’ rates and we beat them.
  2. No currency fees or commissions on purchasing or selling foreign currency, ever.
  3. Our staff give you impeccable service.
  4. All we do is currency—it’s our specialty.
  5. We deal in over 80 currencies, able to sell you the right currency for your destinations.
  6. We have your currency in stock (or, on those odd occasions where we do not, typically we can have it in 24 hours).
  7. We have many convenient, safe, and comfortable locations.
  8. Did we mention the very best rates?

Most banks and many of our competitors charge currency fees and commissions when they deal with you. We don’t and we won’t, ever.

How much do I save with Crown's special Seniors' rates?
Firstly, we guarantee the rates are better than those on display.

What you save depends on what currency(ies) you purchase, and how much you purchase.

Are your rates better than the rates I will get at the bank or at the airport?

We beat the banks every day!

At Crown Currency Exchange, we make sure we give you the very best rates, and we charge no currency fees or commission, ever.

We keep an eye on our competitors and we beat our competitors’ rates.

Unless you visit Crown Currency Exchange at Mackay Airport, if you exchange money at the airport, you will often receive a much worse rate than you will with us because airport rents and operating costs (extended hours) are substantial. Typically, airport operators offer poor rates and charge high fees to recover those costs.

So don’t pay gates rates, enjoy Mate’s Rates at Crown Currency Exchange.

Remember, we charge no currency fees or commission when buying or selling foreign currency, ever.

Can I pay with my debit/credit card?
We accept EFTPOS cards and credit or debit cards.

You may need to check your daily EFTPOS limit with your bank: commonly this limit is $1,000 in transactions per day. Your card may decline if you are purchasing more than this amount. Lifting your daily limit, if you are comfortable doing so, is usually easily done via your bank.

We charge no fees for EFTPOS transactions.

Because we are charged a fee for debit and credit card transactions then, in order to keep our great rates as sharp as we can, for credit cards, we pass the bank’s fee on to you if you choose to pay by this method.

You should also be aware that, if you pay by credit card, your bank may treat the purchase as a cash advance.

Other ways to pay include:

  1. Cash; and
  2. Direct deposit to our bank account (our friendly staff can give you the details); and
  3. Transfer via internet banking; and
  4. Telegraphic Transfer (your bank will usually charge a fee for this).

Remember: when you buy from us we give you the very best rates and we charge no currency fees or commissions, ever.

What is the difference between the 'We Sell' rate and the 'We Buy' rate?
The “We Sell” rate is the rate at which we will sell foreign currency notes to you.

The amount next to each currency represents how much of that currency we will give you in return for A$1.

For example, if the “We Sell” rate on USD is 0.85, that means that for A$1 we will give you US$0.85 in return.

The “We Buy” rate is the rate at which we would purchase foreign currency notes from you.

The amount next to each currency represents how much of that currency you must provide us in order for us to give you A$1 in return.

For example, if the “We Buy” rate on GBP is 0.57, that means that for GBP0.57 we will give you A$1 in return.

But that’s it! We charge you no currency fees or commissions on buying or selling foreign currency.

Do I have to order my foreign currency? Or do you have it in stock?
We hold a very wide range of foreign currencies in stock, so the chances are that we will hold what you need, when you need it.

However, you are most welcome to plan ahead and order.

Planning ahead gives you the certainty of a fixed exchange rate.

Either way, we’ll give you the best rates and we will charge you no currency fees or commissions on your purchase.

Where is your shop in the shopping centre/what is your address?
Click here for details of our locations.
Do you charge a fee to exchange currency?

We do not charge a fee to exchange currency, ever.

If you pay by credit card, in order to keep our rates as good as they are, we must pass-on a credit card fee.

However, we charge no fee to buy or sell foreign currency, ever.

What is the correct currency for my destination?
It’s not always the US dollar.

We buy and sell over 80 currencies. Our staff know which currency is right for your destination(s).

We often hear that travelers have been advised to take USD to countries which are off the beaten track (we refer to the currencies of such countries generally as ‘exotic currencies’) because ‘the US dollar is accepted everywhere’.

We would offer two points to consider:

Firstly, we sell all of the exotic currencies you might need, and we keep them in stock. We can get you the right currency, first time.

Secondly, we can save you money doing so: if you buy the US dollar you will bear the cost of two exchange rates, firstly the exchange rate to purchase US dollars with your Australian dollars, and secondly the exchange rate to purchase the currency of your destination with your US dollars.

In some situations, you may hear that the US dollar is more valued in some countries than its own currency. That is sometimes true, although if you are dealing with local businesses in your destination, be cautious about the true cost of your purchases: you may find yourself paying more in US (or Australian) dollars than in local currency equivalent. Why? Because the vendor typically wishes to exchange the US or Australian dollars into their local currency, and so charges a more expensive exchange rate to compensate.

No matter what the currency, we offer the very best rates and we charge no currency fees or commissions, ever.

Should I just use my credit/debit card? Then I get the benefit of any improvement in the exchange rate.
Buying your currency in advance gives you certainty because you lock in your exchange rate. And, the rate we offer you is miles better than the rate your bank offers you on your card.

Also, we charge you no currency fees or commissions on your purchase (or for using your cash!).

Indeed, because of the margin charged by banks when they convert your purchase at their internal rates, using a credit card or a debit card makes it harder to benefit from upside in the exchange rate and it amplifies the impact of a negative move in the exchange rate.

How? For you to gain from an improvement in the exchange rate relative to buying your foreign currency from Crown, the exchange rate must firstly improve enough to cover the difference between the rate we gave you and the very poor exchange rate the card gives you.

Even if the exchange rate moves that far – many percentage points – you then often suffer transaction fees and charges simply for the privilege of using your card overseas to spend your own money.

If the rate moves downward while you are away, the fees and charges become an unwelcome additional cost that, by buying cash instead before you go, you simply avoid.

And, of course, by locking in an exchange rate by buying your foreign currency from Crown, you won’t lose out if the A$ weakens further while you are away.

At Crown Currency we always recommend cash for its great value and unmatched convenience.

How much cash am I allowed to take out of Australia?
You may take as much currency as you wish out of Australia.

As of November 2014, you can take up to A$9,999.99 in Australian cash (or foreign currency equivalent) without any need to declare anything to Customs.

If you are carrying A$10,000 or more in Australian cash (or foreign currency equivalent), you must declare it to Customs – you may still take the cash, however. Many customers do.

Is travelling with cash safe?
How you carry your money is a very personal decision.

There is no doubt that using cash is the best value way to travel. Not only do you avoid card usage fees, but you also get the best exchange rates when you buy.

Click here for our tips on carrying and using cash abroad.

How else can you help me with my travel?

Foreign Currency

We can help you with currencies for the four corners of the globe! We buy and sell over 80 currencies, so we’ll have the one you need!

Cash Passport

Where you would like to keep money on a prepaid card, we offer the MasterCard Pre-paid Cash Passport. We do not charge a fee for this.

If you would like to chat about your needs or about the currency(ies) you require for your destination, or for anything else, please feel free to drop in or give us a call.

We are your one stop foreign currency shop!

Is the US dollar accepted everywhere?
The US dollar is accepted in most countries; however, not as widely as it once was.

And, it may not give you the best value in your destination. Crown can sell you the right currency for your destination(s).

This not only gives you increased convenience (and lets you deal with someone you trust before you leave home (and someone you can call on if you experience any difficulties, unlike someone you deal with in your destination)) but it also saves you money: you are making only one exchange to get the right currency for your destination.

Remember: we offer the very best rates and we charge no currency fees or commissions, no matter what currency you buy.

What is the exchange rate going to do tomorrow?
If only we knew!

The foreign currency market is the largest financial market in the world. Every day, over US$5 trillion in foreign currency is bought and sold.

While we buy and sell large amounts of foreign currency every day, we are not market analysts.

Even if we were market analysts, we still wouldn’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, and Australia’s financial services legislation prohibits us from giving any advice.

Will I get a better exchange rate if I exchange my Australian dollars overseas?
Sometimes rates can appear better overseas, and no doubt some travelers can obtain them, occasionally.

However, exchanging money overseas can be problematic. We often hear, for example, of travelers being attracted by a rate that looks too good to be true and unfortunately turns out that way: they are short changed by the unscrupulous operator.

And, because we are asked this question frequently, we have checked and found that, at reputable foreign exchange bureaux overseas, you rarely enjoy a better exchange rate for Australian dollars than you will with us.

Remember, with Crown you are dealing with someone you can trust. You are dealing with someone you can see when you get home if you do run in to any problems. We give you the very best rates, and we charge you no currency fees or commission when buying or selling foreign currency, ever.

Also, having your foreign cash beforehand allows you to become familiar with the notes and how much each one represents in Australian dollars.

What is the difference between the market rates on television and the rates offered by Crown?
The exchange rates you see on TV, on the internet or in the newspaper can best be described as ‘interbank’ rates.

These are central rates that are used to facilitate the US$5 trillion daily foreign exchange market.

Wholesalers who supply the market with notes (and who buy back excess notes) charge a margin over and above those rates (which applies to all currency exchange shops).

When you buy from us, we give you the very best rates and we charge no currency fees or commissions, ever.

How do you make money if you don't charge fees?
Like all retailers, we purchase our stock – foreign currency notes – for a certain price. We then add a margin to reflect our cost of handling the currency, paying rent, paying our staff and our profit.

We keep our margin lower than our competitors, which gives us the great rates we can offer you.

Some of our competitors not only add a higher margin for the very same currency as we do but they also charge you a fee and/or commission per currency! We think that is outrageous and unjustifiable, which is why we charge no currency fees on buying and selling foreign currency, ever.

Foreign currency with Crown is simple: there are no currency fees or commissions for buying and selling foreign currency with us, ever.

Why must I provide you with my ID?
This is an Australian Government requirement.
How are you regulated?
Under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (the AML/CTF Act), Kings Currency Exchange Pty Ltd (Kings) is regulated by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).

Kings is registered with AUSTRAC under registration number: 100040093.

Kings implements a comprehensive AML/CTF program, as required by law. Kings’ AML/CTF program is designed to identify, mitigate and manage the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing activities being conducted through it’s business.

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