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Planning a getaway to Trinidad & Tobago? Get the best AUD to TTD exchange rates at one of our Crown Currency Exchange stores across Australia today so you can make the most of your holiday.

Trinidad & Tobago

Where to find the best AUD to TTD exchange rates

With Crown Currency Exchange, you can be sure that your hard-earned money goes as far as possible on your dream vacation. Our desire to offer the best foreign currency exchange rates will give you more Trinidad & Tobago dollars in hand, allowing maximum spending power on whatever adventure awaits.

We have 50 stores located throughout Australia for your convenience, so you can easily find the best exchange rate when you convert Australian dollar to Trinidad & Tobago dollar wherever you are.

3 quick tips to ensure you get the best AUD to TTD rate possible

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1. Avoid currency exchange kiosks at airports

Airport currency exchange kiosks may seem like a great bargain, but they are often more costly than other options. With their high rates and additional fees, you could be handing over far more money than necessary instead of getting the deal you were expecting.
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2. Use an exchange that does not charge commission or fees

At Crown Currency Exchange, transparency is paramount. We are committed to always providing our customers with the best rate available and never charging hidden commissions or fees. Our mission is simple – we want you to enjoy your travel and get the most out of every penny.
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3. Get your foreign currency from a reputable source

When it comes to getting the best rate for your Trinidad & Tobago dollars, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable source. You wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of or end up with counterfeit currency.

Why Choose Crown Currency?

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Working out the best time to buy Trinidad & Tobago dollars with Australian dollars

There’s no definitive answer as to the best time to buy Trinidad & Tobago dollars. However, if you want to maximise your money, we invite you to join our ROYAL CUSTOMER LIST.

Joining our ROYAL CUSTOMER LIST gives you access to our exclusive Rate Watch service. Our consultants continuously monitor the market and will call you when the rates are in your favour so that you can buy Trinidad & Tobago dollars at the best rate possible!

Which other countries use the Trinidad & Tobago dollar?

The Trinidad and Tobago dollar is exclusively used as the official national currency of Trinidad and Tobago, with no other country using it. This currency is valued at an exchange rate that fluctuates with the U.S. dollar (USD) and is broken into 100 cents for easy calculation.

Get your Trinidad & Tobago dollar in-store today!

Visit one of our 50 store locations around Australia and get the best exchange rate when you convert Australian dollars to Trinidad & Tobago dollars today. With Crown Currency Exchange, you can rest assured that you are getting a fair deal on your Trinidad & Tobago dollars.

We are committed to offering transparency and convenience so you can start planning for your next exciting adventure. Get a quote online now or visit one of our stores to get your Trinidad & Tobago dollar today.

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