Don’t Pay Commissions in Money Exchanges

The AUS dollar exchange rates you hear quoted in news reports refer to the rates between countries or the market rate. It’s understandable customers sometimes think this is the rate they will receive when they change their currency at a foreign currency exchange provider like Crown. But, there are a few steps before the money […]

Why Cash is King

International travellers looking to drive their dollar further should stick to cash, so long as they feel confident about their personal security. Some destinations are safer than others. How you feel about a particular place is a personal decision. These days there are several options available for transporting foreign cash needs. Traveller’s cheques have long […]

Web Surfing for a Good Money Changer?

Savvy travellers go Web Surfing to find a Good Money Changer. Regardless of whether you’re looking on the Internet, reading ads or following a recommendation, there are only a handful of hallmarks for a good money changer. These include: Favourable rates; Convenient trading hours; as well as the most important of all… The absence of […]

1001 Arabian Nightmares

Pardon the play on this famous work. I thought of it when I spoke to a tourist from the middle east this year. It’s not easy for someone from those parts of the globe to find Australian dollars in their homeland. But, most people know that everyone, anywhere in the world, wherever they travel, will […]

Currency Top Tips

Here at Crown, we always recommend using foreign cash when travelling abroad. Cash offers the best value, is quick, and using cash instead of cards means you are not at risk of identity theft and/or card fraud. You will pay no hidden usage fees: what you see is what you get. Cash is accepted everywhere […]

Cash is King! Our Top Ten!

At Crown Currency Exchange, we always recommend using cash for your foreign currency needs. Cash is better value for money, and has some genuine practical advantages over cards which mean Cash will be King for some time! Using cash just makes sense. Here are our Top Ten reasons to use cash: 1. Value for moneyWe […]

Identity theft: stay vigilant!

A December 2015 article in The Australian newspaper highlights the need for vigilance and care in relation to the increasing scourge that is identity theft, which is described as “Australia’s most common crime”. The article also quotes Australian Border Force acting assistant commissioner David Nockels who states “Once you have your identity stolen it’s very […]

Withdrawal of certain Indian Rupee banknotes

KEY POINTS India’s government withdraws 500-rupee and 1,000-rupee notes, with immediate effect, and without notice No current exchange mechanism available through Crown Currency Exchange Potential in-country exchange mechanisms available to Indian citizens In-country exchange mechanisms for foreign citizens are highly restricted We will provide further information if/when available WITHDRAWAL OF LEGAL TENDER STATUS On the […]

When is a pound not a pound…?

…when it’s cheaper to buy, all round! Travelling to Scotland?  If so, you will encounter banknotes issued by Scottish banks. Scottish banknotes have identical face values as their English and Welsh counterparts (£5, £10, £20 and £50 are typical denominations, although you may occasionally see £1 and £100 banknotes in Scotland). However, Scottish banknotes look […]

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on your Holiday

10 ways you can save money and get the best deals for your next holiday. Sometimes getting the best holiday deals and knowing where to save can make or break your plan for your next overseas holiday. Happily, there are many simple steps to avoid your travel costs mounting up. Here at Crown Currency, we […]